These past 9 months have by far been the most gratitude filled of my life. More than I ever could’ve expected or imagined. Even through all the heartburn, shortness of breath, and my personal favorite, itchy belly (yes this is a real thing!) I’ve had a very smooth and healthy pregnancy.

Looking back on the past 38 weeks I realize I’ve grown a lot as a woman. Pregnancy has broadened my emotional perception beyond those who are closest to me. I understand more so now the level of strength and love women naturally hold. I now feel empathy towards women in a deeper more respectful way.

Before this year, I didn’t think there was room for my heart to grow beyond my relationship with Mike or my “business baby” AvaFlora. I wasn’t even sure if at 35 years old I had any maternal instincts left. To my surprise I do; they are real and strong. My focus has already shifted as I better understand who I am, who I want to be, and how this little being that we haven’t even met yet is going to change our lives. More love and vulnerability are being welcomed, not feared.

Gratitude should be expressed everyday but I thought Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to share what I am most grateful for right now. Wishing you and your family a wonderful, heart filled Thanksgiving.

Photography – Kylie Lynn