As our 9th wedding season begins this week, I find myself filled with joy, hope, excitement and confidence. The most surprising is a sense of peacefulness. Not the usual uneasiness wedding season would bestow upon me. Which I realize now, that feeling of anxiousness was all my own doing. I’m more prepared on a deeply personal level that’s difficult to put into words. Maybe its a newfound sense of gratitude or I’m simply not the person I was in 2019 or even last year. It’s like I’ve gone through a metamorphosis of some sort and I know many other creatives are experiencing the same.

There were plenty of moments over the past 15 months were I felt all was lost – spiritually and financially. Loosing a sense of myself and our livelihood. But I kept thinking about how hard I worked to build my business and the original purpose behind it. While the emotional pain felt unbearable at times, I knew giving up would be soul crushing. I owed it to myself and my clients to find the strength to push through.

What gave me hope amidst the pandemic was being proactive with my business. Hiring a business coach, expanding my peer network, and completely restructuring my business model. I had the time to reevaluate my business and get back to my why. What truly makes me happy as an artist and how I can elevate the client experience? What are my strengths and weaknesses? What should I be doubling down on? What needs to change? Taking this time to invest back into AvaFlora will be a gift to both future and current clients. Myself and my family too. Perfection isn’t the goal or to be free of stress. Intentionality, strength, and happiness are the focus.

Below you will see some images from this weeks wedding production. I thought it would be fun to start sharing more behind the scenes moments that are uncurated, more real. Going forward these images plus design insight will be exclusive to my newsletter. You can follow the link below to subscribe.

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Foraged honeysuckle vine and Russian olive branch. My staple foliage varieties. So happy they are back in season.
Incredibly beautiful blueberry. Not foraged but very seasonal to June. Will show how this was used another time.
Normally I’d use a small bucket or glass vase (padded with cello) inside this urn but this ceramic vessel happened to fit perfectly.