Currently sitting in my living room staring at a Christmas tree that is up before Thanksgiving (totally against my #oneholidayatatime policy). But we have a toddler that is really into “tree-z” so why not enjoy the warm coziness a little longer in our first home.

A new home, my family, our health. It goes without saying I am thankful for all these things and more but what am I really thankful for? I gave this question a lot of thought and this might be unexpected – letting go of perfectionism. That is the most profound breakthrough that has caused a major shift in my designs this year. This isn’t something that happened over night. In fact, for the longest time I gave my flawless label much merit. The reality was the opposite of what I thought perfectionism was giving me or portraying to everyone around me. It was taking away from my creativity, my self worth, and focus. Energy was being wasted on critical self-evaluations which all together caused constant procrastination. Worst of all I was unhappy.

Once I stopped trying to reach this unattainable goal I simply became myself. More confident, creative, happy, free. I’m starting to feel like the artist I was meant to be. Flowers hold subtle flaws so I shouldn’t expect my designs to be perfect. In fact, I’m finding beauty in those imperfections which has encouraged me to embrace my own. I believe I can still be detailed, ambitious, and caring all white leaving “perfect” at the curb.

My new perspective is a positive one and my words are not meant to be judgmental. This feeling is liberating and I wanted to share my experience with all of this in hopes to inspire anyone who is struggling with something similar. What would life look like if you were simply you?  Keep in mind this can relate to many facets of your life. Being the perfect parent, planning the perfect wedding, the perfect family shoot…

Below are some recent photos captured by Cristina Lozito, who was so unbelievably kind and patient with Jake. He tried to run away from us every chance he could get. There was a moment where we thought he touched poison ivy and almost drenched himself with muddy puddle water mid shoot. Mike and I were sweating by the end, thinking this would be a total disaster. Cristina truly worked her magic and we are so happy with the way these photos came out. I hope that brief and honest insight gives you a smile at least.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving full of love and family.