Winter as a North Eastern Florist…it’s mostly dreadful. December is decent and festive (referring to retail), January is awful (as usual), and February is well, awful (yet shorter, with the exception of the Valentine’s Day hustle, and really it’s expected). This January was different though…the first in 6.5 years where I found myself accepting the “dreadful”. Letting go of stress and worry and redirecting my focus to what’s ahead – organizing Spring workshops, new wedding proposals, website updates, new journal posts, and a podcast! Being proactive. Making sh** happen. So in a way it’s nice to have this “off season” to focus on things we won’t have time for once wedding season begins (late April this year). In between all that, we managed to set up a flower playdate with Kylie Mones. I love Kylie. She is down to earth, loves her craft, and has a similar aesthetic to ours. Couples, please can we have a wedding together?! Excited to have Kylie documenting our Spring Flower Workshop (only 5 spots left!). It was a fun day of catching up, playing with color, and of course lattes were involved. 

Silk Ribbons – The Poetry of Silk and Tono & Co.

Below are a few images captured on film by Kylie. I have such an appreciation for film photography as it is a form of art in itself. The process is truly fascinating. Mostly I love the soft yet granular texture and moody vibe this imagery depicts. They are raw and realistic. Thank you Kylie! This was fun xoxo –