For the past several years Mike and I have been really enjoying hosting small group workshops in our Cold Spring Harbor shop. Not going to lie, while small, they are a TON of work to plan and organize. Between cleaning and reorganizing the entire store (to comfortably accommodate our students), sourcing the absolute best product (while staying within budget – yikes), and creating an inspiring color palette (okay, so definitely my favorite part but can still use up a lot of mental energy). The most challenging part of it all is hoping you picked the right date that works with most schedules. Sometimes we nail it and sometimes we don’t. We’ve had to cancel workshops in the past due to low attendance. It’s all a learning process and we wouldn’t let a cancelled workshop keep us from trying again.

Most folks don’t know that my flower journey began 16 years ago and AvaFlora has been growing for close to 7 (of those 16) years now. The industry has evolved in many ways since I first started designing – social media (imagine a world without IG, yes it existed), the notion of “community over competition” (love this), and the desire to learn (myself included!). This year I received my first inquiry for a 1:1 workshop from a past workshop attendee, Golkouh. I felt so ready for this and it turned out to be the most pleasurable and rewarding workshop we’ve hosted to date. 

The workshop was held upstairs in our consultation room so that we could design in an uninterrupted space. The natural light and white walls provided a bright and clean backdrop for all of Golkouh’s portfolio images. We focused on the techniques behind creating movement and negative space within an organic aesthetic. Chatted about social media, the floral industry, and our hope and dreams. There’s just something so refreshing about spending time with someone who holds similar passions as you. 

The color palette was inspired by Golkouh’s only request which was to work with Sweet Pea. We decided to start with our favorite marbled purple/grey variety and from there the rest of the palette fell into place. Our palettes are all about blending one color to the next, enhancing a natural and organic flow of color. We started with richer plum and indigo and subtly blended them with softer blush and pale blue tones. The end result was a moody Spring palette that we all totally fell in love with. 

The best part of it all is that Golkouh left the workshop with a new found confidence to dive into the floral industry. She has such a passion and talent for this art and I can’t wait to see where it takes her in life.

Below you will see some gorgeous imagery from Kylie Mones that carries you through the Design Essentials Workshop process.