There’s a story behind why I’m passionate about teaching floral design but the idea came to life simply because I was being asked – “Do you offer workshops?”. It started with wreaths, then flower centerpieces and now 1:1 workshops. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but over time I learned how to articulate my creative process. Empathy also plays an important part. Providing positive support, encouraging designers and flower lovers to find their inner artist. That I believe is the most valuable take away from our workshops.

Back in May I had the pleasure of meeting and flowering with Brian of Slate Floral. This was my second 1:1 workshop and I was so thrilled for the opportunity. Especially since I was already connected with Brian through social media, always admiring his organic designs and beautiful company brand. Brian and I actually have a lot in common including a long history in the floral industry and a love for muted color palettes (surprise!). As you can see we were all about muted tones during this workshop using shades of toffee, lavender, peach, and blush. Clematis was the main inspiration because I love how their star shaped blooms add an unexpected shape to a composition and the lavender tone that was available is simply so pretty. It also turned out to be the last week fritillaria meleagris was in season. Overall the flower varieties used combined the beauty of both early Spring and late Spring seasons. Magic.

Brian shared that he left the workshop that day with a “renewed creative vigor”. Three pretty powerful and inspiring words! He has such a talent and passion for flowers and I can’t wait to see where his journey takes him. 

Below you will see some rich imagery from Basia Ambroziak that carries you through the Design Essentials Workshop process. If you are interested in scheduling a 1:1 workshop with me or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to welcome you to our Cold Spring Harbor shop.