My current dream is to design a mono-bloom wedding. Mono-bloom meaning a single floral variety is being used. A form of practicing restraint. And I’m not referring to traditional mounds of white hydrangea. The goal is a natural look that embraces simplicity, creating a sense of effortlessness for the person experiencing the art. However, “effortlessness” doesn’t mean there is a lack of intention behind the design. This concept comes down to seasonal flexibility paired with a strong desire to push the envelope – from both the creative professional and the client.

The white Dogwood below is the beginning of a series of mono-bloom compositions I’m thrilled to share with you. This composition took me about 10 minutes to design, compared to the average 25 minutes when working with mixed varieties. I believe the reason for that is minimal competition amongst bloom shape, size, and color. The Dogwood is the star of the show allowing me to mainly focus on shape and dimension.

Photography – Kylie Mones