Unlike my previous mono-bloom design, this one took much longer to make. Close to an hour. While time isn’t usually a concern during my creative playdates, it is something to keep in mind if I were to create a similar design for an event. Regardless, I loved getting acquainted with these Charlene de Monaco garden roses. They had the most beautiful ruffled peach petals and a delicious fragrance that wasn’t over powering. My idea was to use a larger focal flower to build a lush, asymmetrical shape. Quite the opposite of how I typically work with asymmetry. The additional challenge I created for myself was hiding the ragged stems as much as possible without using foliage. In order to achieve this, the positioning and layering of each bloom had to be just right. Another challenging component was the weight of the rose head. Even with using a large flower frog, balance and gravity came into play as I was building the height. 

Although I consider myself to be a recovering perfectionist, I did get wrapped up in perfecting this design. But that’s because the composition was intended to be sculptural. Perhaps even slightly unrealistic. I imposed certain restrictions to my process in order to create a specific look. Needless to say it was a learning experience. Sharing a few of my favorites below.