Foliage, should have a purpose other than being a “filler”. Whether a variety is being incorporated for color, shape, height, movement, texture, etc. there must be intention behind all aspects of the recipe in order to elevate the design. This is how I approach everything I create for my clients. Over the past several years, I’ve found foliage isn’t even necessary in creating a loose organic aesthetic. Some of my favorite designs have foliage brought in through inconspicuous ways or it wasn’t used at all. Unless a seasonal variety is striking to me in some capacity, I’d rather bring in more flowers to enhance the layers and dimension that I love to build. And when the season allows for it, using textural florals such as viburnum, hyacinth, pieris, or lilac (one of my favorites). All varieties that lend themselves well to adding coverage lower in the vessel (without the use of foliage).

The more intentional I am about my craft the more inspired and confident I become as an artist. Especially after designing flowers for 19 years, I’m continuously hungry for a creative challenge.

Below you will see a collection of imagery from Jessa Schifilliti, Sophie Kaye, D’Arcy Benincosa, Cadence Kennedy, Michelle Lange, and Dyanna LaMora of bouquets and centerpieces I loved making.