Lately, I find myself looking back to Art History and how much I loved being inside that lecture hall. The professor taught us how to analyze brush strokes, colors, expressions, materials, symbolism and how those components were used by the artist to tell a story. How they represented a place in our history and culture but also in the world of the artist. What I learned was incredibly deep. A level of meaningfulness I didn’t realize existed. 

That one class had a profound effect on how I view art and the world around me. Including the art I create with flowers and the intention behind it. How I see the world and the message I want to share. And as many of us can relate, it took a pandemic to force us to reevaluate everything in business and life. 

What I value is reflected in my work – simplicity. A cleaner more refined aesthetic for my clients. Getting aquatinted with colors I don’t normally have the opportunity to work with (hello yellow!). In an attempt to challenge myself and hopefully inspire you. Thats what lights me up and represents where I currently am in my ever evolving journey.

Below you will see a collection of imagery from Kylie Mones. I love how this bright yet smokey golden palette came together.