I often hear other floral designers say “flowers chose me” when asked how they got started in the industry. Meaning that some magical force helped flowers find a way into their life. Faith, destiny, whatever they consider it. I believed that was true for myself as well but now I have a different perspective – flowers didn’t choose me, I chose them. 

My Mom likes to jokingly remind me about how at 18 years old I had 13 tax returns to file. The following year my journey with flowers began in a local grocery store. I had to go through 13 jobs to find one I could actually stand for more than a week. Here I am 20 years later.

It must be the wise writings of Seth Godin that I’ve immersed myself into lately. Learning about “process” vs. “outcome”. It’s now clear the reason I have stayed with floral design for so long is because I became passionate over the process of learning and doing. The highs and lows. Successes and failures. I fell in love with all of it. Although, gratitude for failures often comes hindsight. It’s a dedication to the process that keeps us going forward especially when times get tough – hello Covid (tough being a complete understatement here). It’s about valuing the practice of your craft over the outcome. When you focus on the practice the rewards naturally follow.

There’s nothing wrong with believing you were born to do something. That means you are grateful to have found your calling, to be doing what you love. But it goes much deeper. We have more of a choice than you think.

Below you will see a collection of imagery from Kylie Mones. I loved creating this moody plum composition using a simple recipe of hellebore, lilac, and lady slipper orchids.