We created this workshop with a different approach in mind Рdesigning our signature organic centerpiece using only lush focal flowers. With peonies being the main focus, attendees chose from some of our favorite varieties including Coral Charm, Alertie, Festiva, Sarah Bernhardt and Shirley Temple. Koko Loco and Honey Djion garden roses from Rose Story Farm along with Ranunculus accompanied the peonies, creating a simple yet impactful recipe. My thought behind incorporating the roses and ranunculus was to off set the boldness of the peony bloom. Since both the roses and ranunculus are a smaller size flower head (compared to the peonies) we were able to create additional dimension and interest throughout the centerpiece.

Like all of our color palettes, there was a balance of careful curation and openess. While we may have a specific vision in mind when creating color palettes, we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature and farm production so flexibility is key. We wanted to create a palette that was both bright and muted. The main inspiration came from the peonies which was a simple blend of blush, pink, and coral. From there muted tones of mauve (Koko Loco) softened the brightness of the pink palette. The Honey Djion roses were a last minute add in. I wasn’t completely sure I’d love the golden mustard tone mixed with coral and peach but in the end it all blended well togther.

Below you will see some gorgeous imagery from Cadence Kennedy that carries you through the workshop process. With a cameo appearance by Baby Jake! Beautiful calligraphy tags by Swell Anchor Studio Рthanks Christie!