“Don’t use a lot where a little will do” ~ Proverb

Simplicity has set the tone for my inspiration these past few months – feeling a sense of peace and appreciation when things are less complicated. Whether its through fashion, interior design, relationships I have, my design aesthetic – I crave simplicity, and also crave quality.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with designs that are clean and simple while maintaining value and detail. In this composition you will see gorgeous sweet pea, hellebore, and azalea blooms with a simple accent of forsythia branch. The forsythia adds a touch of color to the neutral palette and also conveys the season – early Spring.

Vessels are an important part of a floral composition as they add interest and detail, helping to complete an overall design. I love the contrast between the light and airiness of the flowers and the heaviness of the cast iron urn in this composition. The color and texture of the urn adds a sophisticated, antiqued element to the design. Can you tell I just love cast iron?

Here are some beautiful photos captured by Cadence Kennedy. The first from a series of creative collaborations inspired by simplicity.

Ava_3-25-9 Ava_3-25-9