My approach to bouquet design has evolved over the years. I’ve learned to let go of perfectionism and embrace simplicity. Allowing the beauty of the changing seasons intertwine with the personal style of my clients.

What is currently most requested by my clients is a “smaller” bridal bouquet. I love creating a more tailored style and am glad to see the trend of over-sized, stuffy bouquets fading out.

One way to achieve this look is by limiting larger focal flowers – roses, peonies, dahlias, etc. And in some cases excluding them altogether. Refraining from using heavy foliage; e.g. eucalyptus. Along with limiting the overall amount of foliage or again excluding it altogether. The result is a bouquet that is light weight and a┬ácomplement to the bride and her gown. Not a heavy distraction or the main focus. It all comes back to simplicity and how through simplicity we find refinement.

While I adore a tailored bouquet, I believe detail is important to maintain. Intricate detailing and personalization are what make each design special and one of a kind. No two bouquets are ever alike. In a Pinterest world, that notion might make some uncomfortable but that is the nature of creating ephemeral art.

Below you will see a collection of imagery from Cadence Kennedy. This shoot was an opportunity to further practice restraint in size and in recipe creation.