Creating color palettes can be challenging (especially from the perspective of a client, understandably so) but I love to find the beauty in complexity. Looking at color through a flexible lens allows for floral artistry to elevate beyond what can be imagined. With a little guidance from digital swatches (or color wheel) but really allowing the subtle nuances designed by Mother Nature to bring a vision to life.

Complementary color schemes (colors directly across from one another on the color wheel), I consider the most challenging to work with because of the opposing color temperatures (cool and warm). The most challenging to create but also the most interesting to experience as both brightness and depth are present.

Mustard dipped Japanese sweet pea and lavender pansies are what inspired this Yellow/Violet palette. If you look closely at the inner area of the sweet pea petals, there is the slightest hint of grey/lavender which ties in with the ranunculus and fritillaria. The pansies are the coolest lavender tone, which is why they stand out, but their yellow/violet centers carry them back in. These subtle nuances in color communicate their own version of movement, allowing your eye to bounce around the composition. And thats what the essence of color should be – a fun dance party for your eyes.

Below you will see a collection of imagery from Kylie Mones.